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About SFI Affiliate Program

SFI- Is an established company-opening its doors for the rest of us to “Learn and Earn”. Giving us options of earning opportunities, making it possible for all of us to earn. Taking the guess work out of being successful as a business owner, by just following their platform.

SFI- Provides our FREE promotional tools, our office, our accountants and our PR team and asks nothing more from us then to give it our all and succeed! Our hours of operations isn’t grueling and we aren’t stuck on our feet all day!

I see many Affiliates at the point of frustration because they have been here for a month or so and not earning an income. When reading lessons we learn that SFI tells us that it can take up to six months before we can see a steady income and well our goals are over the course time. Yet what and how we conduct our business is up to us so find your niche and run with it!

The world of Business isn’t FREE nor does it happen by snapping our fingers! In most ventures you need a “Marketing Plan” mapping out your idea, a list of investors, setting goals, evaluating your target market, financial views and goals and finally CAPITAL. Of course each venture is different so the cost of it all will vary and lets not forget about all the “legal tape” that is involved. A majority of people in business can testify to the fact that it can take up to seven years before they’ve made a true profit getting their capital back with eighteen hour days.

Standing Orders are optional and will never be forced, but the reality of it is “It HELPS”- Secure EA2 earning status, earning team members and much more.

So lets compare- SO with SFI can start as low as you want-with the mixture of tools you choose. But we will say the investment of 125 T-credit pack of $ under 40.00 per month..

Opening a “Subway Sandwich Shop”- $ 15,000.00 down- equipment and food costs-space rental, utilities, staffing costs, insurance, and you need to pay at least 3% of monthly earnings not to mention you need to follow “Corporate Rules” for although the business is yours, you’re paying for the name.

Turn Key Operation- A business that has been established either failing or sailing- You still need start up funds, clearing debts if any and are now responsible for any and all overhead for the business.

So just think about the opportunity we have here at SFI, and decide just what you are willing to do to increase your business! I think we are LUCKY to have a free platform where we can all succeed together.

To Your Success!!!
Johnson Ajiboye


Collect your own targeted promotions

Use the TripleClicks COLLECTIONS tool to create unlimited, unique themed collections of products you can promote to the audience you want to target.

1. Just open the details page of any product at

2. Click on the SFI Toolbox button*.

3. Click on Add to collection link.

4. Choose a collection name and description for your customers to see.

5. The item you chose to start the new collection is automatically added. Add more products to your collection by clicking the blue Pick Items button. This will take you to a handy screen where you can search and choose other products you want to add to this collection. Check the Add To Collection checkbox for any item you wish to add.

6. Click the DONE button at the bottom of the screen when you’re done adding…